Please review your benefit options and determine which benefits you would like to enroll in for the 2024 calendar year.

  • More information can be found on The HUB.

Complete the online enrollment process through Workday

  • You will receive an action item titled “Change Benefits for Life Event” in your Workday inbox after you have entered your emergency contact(s) and direct deposit information.
  • You will need to enter a beneficiary for your Belkin-provided Life and AD&D insurance plans as well as any Optional Life and AD&D plans. You’ll need your beneficiary’s Social Security number to complete the entry.
  • If you’re adding a new dependent, you’ll first need to add him/her to Workday. (You only have to do this once—after a dependent is added he/she can be easily added to your plan election(s)). Please make sure you include a Social Security number for all of your covered dependents who are at least age 1 (as well as home address for each dependent) when you complete your benefits.
  • Review each plan option by clicking into each tile and, indicate your benefit elections.
  • Attach required documentation directly into Workday. See below for what is required.
  • Accept your selections by clicking Submit. Even if you want to waive medical, dental and/or vision coverage, you must take action in Workday . If you waive coverage, you still need to enter your beneficiary information for the Belkin-paid life and disability benefits.

If you elect to enroll a dependent (spouse/domestic partner and/or children), please provide copies of pertinent documents.

What documentation is required?

As part of Belkin’s ongoing efforts to ensure our benefit plans meet regulatory requirements and to help manage the cost of our plans for you and for Belkin, we require the following documents to verify that only eligible dependents are enrolled in our medical, dental and vision plans. Please either attach the required documentation directly in Workday or send the documentation to the Belkin Benefits Team at

  • Legal Spouse – marriage certificate or State or Federal tax document (must be for one of the last two tax years and only the page listing filing status and exemptions is required).
  • Child(ren) – birth certificate or adoption agreement, court custody, or guardianship documents or State or Federal tax documents (must be for one of the last two tax years and only the page listing filing status and exemptions is required).
  • Domestic Partner – Affidavit of Domestic Partnership or State Registration Certificate

Important Note – Unless your domestic partner qualifies as your IRC tax dependent, any medical, dental, and/or vision premiums will be paid for with after-tax contributions from your pay. In addition, any amount paid by the company for your domestic partner’s coverage is “imputed income” and will be subject to federal income, FICA (Social Security-Medicare) and any applicable state income taxes.

Do I need to have any other information to enroll in Benefits?

Yes, you will be asked to enter the Social Security numbers for your dependents.

What if I need help enrolling in the benefit plans in Workday?

If you need additional help, contact the Belkin Belkin Benefits Team at