With the EAP, called Evernorth Behavioral Health's Life Assistance Program (LAP), you’ll find the information, resources, and referrals you need to improve life at work and at home. The EAP is 100% paid by Belkin and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The EAP provides free, confidential counseling sessions with professionals who are trained to help you with issues such as family concerns, stress, depression, substance abuse, and legal and financial matters. This program covers all members in your household, even if they are not enrolled in any of the other Belkin plans. The EAP can also help with childcare issues, such as identifying day care centers, nursery schools, before/after school programs, private schools and tutoring services. Other services include researching pet care centers, maintenance and repair providers, and community volunteer opportunities. You and your household members have up to three face-to-face sessions with an EAP counselor in a six-month period.

Call the EAP at (800) 538-3543, or go to www.nylgbs-lap.com.